(All uniform and equipment MUST be marked with the owner’s name)
We are keen to maintain a good standard of dress throughout the school.  All students are expected follow the school dress code.

Sheredes blazer with Sheredes crest on pocket (to be worn at all times within the school building).
Sheredes black school trousers OR Sheredes kilt (below the knee)
White shirt
Sheredes school tie (with crest showing)
Sheredes black jumper with yellow trim (optional)
Black, dark blue or white socks or tights

Should be plain, black leather.  No backless, slip-on shoes or flip-flops. 
No trainers. Heels no higher than 3cm.  No canvas or plimsoll style shoes.

Should be in dark colours and suitable for school. No denim or leather.
Hoodies are not allowed in school (other than those used by BTEC Performing Arts students).
Coats are not allowed in lessons.

Style and colour must be appropriate for school. Hair should be no shorter than a ‘number 2’ cut.
Fashion gimmicks are not acceptable (e.g. tramlines or logos). No extremes of style or colour. 

One plain pair of studs or sleepers, a watch and a religious emblem worn under the shirt are permitted. 
No other form of jewellery is allowed.   Facial piercings of any type are not allowed.

Make-up must be discreet; nail varnish is not allowed.

Must not be worn on the school premises

Students are expected to follow the school dress code. Students not complying with these will be sent home to change into correct school uniform or, alternatively, will be isolated from lessons.

Official School Uniform Stockist: 

Penny’s School Outfitters
249 Turners Hill
Herts, EN8 9DG                (Tel:  01992 630640)









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